In 1998, a team of young people, burning with zeal to establish a center of excellence at par with the best in the world decided to set up Anwesha Cybotech Research Institute (P) Limited. The team has since then worked ceaselessly to nurture their dream. Today, a visit to the center is an experience few are likely to forget. The rapid proliferation of information technology has resulted in business houses requiring cutting-edge technology solutions to streamline their business processes, cut costs and improve efficiency. This calls for constant up gradation of software and other technologies. Here, the IT education and training plays a strategic role in ensuring consistent level of competence of employees. Anwesha Cybotech Research Institute (P) Ltd [ACRIPL] with strategic business units of Education & Training, system integration and Software Development brings together the key components that are required by the business today. Cybotech Campus established a "Centre of Performance", the training division, with a vision of generating a unique breed of IT professionals adept at tackling the intricacies of the changing technology.